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It is a standard FAL featuring black composite buttplate, pistol grip, and fore grip, which is triangular in shape. Barrel is a four groove with 1:12 twist. The barrel has the bipod mounting ring.

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Galesi Model 6 .25 Grip Panels
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Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Armi Galesi 6.35 Caliber Pistol. Founded in Italy in 1910, these little pocket pistols were imported into the U.S. during the 5...
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Galesi Model 6 .25 Grip Panels
Aug 23, 2015 · Excluding the grips, the Galesi is an all metal pistol. It makes it heavier and that is not always a bad thing when it comes to little mouse guns. Back to the recoil issue, the heavier the pistol the less felt recoil. Couple the weight with a .25 and you have a very easy shooting pistol that most any shooter can use comfortably.
Industria Armi Galesi, Collebeato of Brescia, Italy was founded before the First World War, and began manufacturing pistols in 1914. The first Galesi pistol was a 6.35mm-blowback design based on the Browning 1906, but without the grip safety. In 1923 improvements were made and a 7.65mm chambering was added.
13 Armi-galesi-brevetto Model 503 6 Pins 6.35mm (.25 Acp) 10 Armi-galesi-brevetto Model 503 Safety Cup & Spring 6.35mm (.25 Acp) 1981d Smith & Wesson K Frame Model 19 Used Cylinder Stop & Spring .357 Magnum. 1981c Smith & Wesson K Frame Model 19 Cylinder Stop & Spring .357 Magnum
Item Description: Translate description Armi Galesi Model 9 Semi-Automatic Pistol, #107693, .22 LR cal., 2-7/8'' barrel, blue finish, smooth white plastic grips with silver ''AG'' medallions, standard integral sights, and one blued steel magazine.
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  • The pistol has black grips with a metal insert with "AG" (Armi Galesi) on each side. It has a safety catch which operates as it should. The left side of the slide is stamped with "Soc. Lt. F.LLi Galesi Brescia-Cal 6.35" and a serial number on the frame of "498835".
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  • GARAND. The action of the Garand rifle; cartridges are. forced from the clip by a follower arm, and the. recoiling bolt re-cocks the hammer. then Chief of Staff,
  • Jul 07, 2013 · Shown from left to right is the F.I.E Titan, the Armi Tanfoglio Giuseppe GT-26, the Armi Galesi Brescia Brevetto, the Raven MP-25 (Blued) and the Raven MP-25 (Nickel Plated) Despite the variety in manufacturing companies these .25acp pistol share many common features and operational traits

Armi Galesi Brescia 6.35mm Police Trade-in Pistol $129.99; Style ... Raven Arms MP-25 25 ACP Police Trade-in Pistol with Pearl Grips (No Mag) $99.99 ...

Phoenix HP25A Semi-automatic Single Action Only 25 ACP 3" Alloy Nickel Plastic 10Rd 1 Mag 20oz Fixed Sights HP25ANB Phoenix Arms HP25A Semi Auto Pistol .25 ACP 3" vented rib barrel 9 Rounds Black Plastic Grips Alloy Frame Serrated trigger Adjustable rear sight Magazine interlock Manual slide lock External safety Height: 4.1" Length: 5.5" Weight: 20 oz Satin Nickel finish
ATTENTION: You are currently using an unsupported browser. We recommend switching to Google Chrome or Edge for the best on-site experience. Item Name: FS Nickel Armi Galesi Brescia made in 1962 Location: Covington Zip Code: 30016 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 150 Caliber:.25 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I have a 1962 nickel plated Armi Galesi Brescia .25 for sale. It was manufactured in Italy in 1962 according to my research.

Armi Galesi-Brescia-Brevetta Cal.6.35 ,semi-automatic, 25 ACP, Made in Italy, serial #348xxx,white grips with hairline crack by medalion. The gun is in good plus condition,was first introduced in the 1930's and has become a sought after collectors item.

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To take the Armi Galesi Brescia Brevetto 6.35/.25 Auto Apart. Remove the magazine and check the chamber for a round. Lower the safety around while pulling the slide back. The notch that the safety ...